A donde vas?

Do you know where you are going?

I've often stopped and asked myself this very question.

It's all about finding our direction.

 It is about choice and choosing whatever path you've willing to take.

The road you're on is probably the one youve decided

was best to go down on.

Yet Life, you may have noticed has many paths.

Some paths eventually lead towards the essence of our passion.

The destination is the work, career and life where our passion lives.

Even if you have to lay over in another job, that is untill you can pursue your passion,

the time and money that job creates, is the vehicle you need to drive

to your final destination.

No matter what age you are enjoying, be constant.

Pursue the infinite ways to your passion.

So what if you end up having to march in place for a time,

it is just  a pit stop.

What is important is that you do your best for you, at this moment.

We have to be realistic, (which in Life is mandatory), but with a direction

in mind, you do not ever have to stop dreaming.

To get to where your passion lies, you have to want to reach for the stars.

You won't know the exact distance, but if that is what you feel in your heart

than that's your true direction.

Don't stop, don't quit and even if you can see your dream looming in the distance,

and are weary.. don't let up.

There are multiple alternate routes to your final destination.

Keep looking at the map, and keep your eyes on the road.

People and things you pass may distract you, some will even try to deter you.

You know where you are going, and it's may be easy to get discouraged,

don’t get jaded in the present.

Never forget where you came from, where you've been,

and how great it has felt to get this far.

Because, no matter what your passion, your dreams,

and why you are where you are,

you owe it to yourself to complete this journey.

How else will you ever "know," who all you could have been.

Make it a driven sort of día!

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