My workplace meditation.

I have had a lifetime of great opportunites to lead, manage and direct others.

With those responsibilities come having to take decisions that affect the

livelihood of another.

Believe me those especially are always more difficult to make, and ones

I have never taken lightly.

Looking back, quite often those very decisions get prompted by someone's

actions or lack thereof.

Even as a seasoned leader, it is still as difficult today as it was then,

to look them in their eyes, and tell them that they need to find their success

somewhere else.

Which brings me to how I face my day.

As you know I meditate each morning.

I just finished my morning meditation and praying...

I pray and prepare for the new day while it is still dark -

way before first dawn.

Today like all other days, I ask for guidance so that I am at my best

the very moment I take my first step out my front door.

I ask that I have HIS presence with me.

That I can speak HIS peace, share HIS grace, and bring HIS perfect order

into my center's atmosphere.

That what is spoken, thought, decided and accomplished within those walls

are done with the truest intention.

That I never take lightly my responsibilities, and stay fully commited to exceeding

them every moment of the day.

I pray that when I am confused, that HE guide me.

When I am weary, that HE energizes me.

If I should get frustrated and feel like I am burning out,

that HE infuses me with the light of HIS Spirit.

That all the work that I do, and the way I do it, 

brings renewed hope,


and courage to all that I come in contact with.

And that even in the day's most stressful moment, I can find solace

that I have made the best decisions.

I pray your day goes well too.

Make it a success filled dia!

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