Pick your change!

We've talked a lot about change lately..

my agents and I are going through some right now.

When I look at change I also look for how it will

equate with growth and I welcome it.

Some of us actually thrive on change.

Others are creatures of habit and resist it.

The fact is, change happens for all of us.

Every day something changes.

A few changes are simple..

and yet others consequential.

Some are more complicated.

We turn back the clock

or a loved ones moves away,

another school semester comes to an end..

we get a new job or begin a new relationship.

So if change must happen,

why don't we just become more adaptable?

It would certainly be less painful - and stressful to boot.

Change avails us choices.

Why not make them,

instead of allowing someone..

or something to force us.

Make it a change for the better sort of dia!

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