A work inspired life.

Feliz Lunes!

Growing up like most large families my brothers and I all

were assigned chores.

We didn't have a choice, of which chores we preferred to do,

could do or not do.

We were the early innovators of modern day cross training.

There was an unexpressed understanding, that what

we each contributed mattered.

No doubt, I am very grateful for those early years.

That's where my present day work ethic derives from.

You can even say that there was a sense of nobleness that

came from our meeting our responsibilities.

Although we didn't get paid for doing our chores,

or for running errands.

What we did get was grateful encouragement and appreciation.

Our reward came from the voices of the villagers and relatives that

commented on how united our family was.

My Father would remind us that hard work built character,

and that it was a necessary building block a man's foundation.

That beside' work ethic, man needed strong morals and ideals.

I grew up with the belief that our ideals were not set in stone,

but our morals were.

That we created a balanced life when we based morals off of our ideals.

Our Father taught us to see work was a privilege that we needed

to take seriously.

I have since realized that happiness comes from being content

with what one has, and the way things are.

Not that we can't improve them, but as soon as we realize that we

truly lack for nothing, everything in the whole world suddenly

appears to be within our reach. 

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a hard working día!

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