Baby steps to success.

A new year is just around the corner.

With it will come the perfect opportunity to make changes,

and improvements.

Whether in our personal life, at school or at the office.

Have you ever found yourself sabotage yourself?

Thinking yourself out of doing something even before you have given

it a chance?

The kind of negative, and self-limiting thinking that somehow stops you

in your tracks?

What these are self-imposed limitations.

Limitations that prevent you from reaching your potential.

The only way we can ever begin to change or transform our lives is

to give ourselves a chance to get started.

Just like simple negative words can deter us - simple positive words

can change our negative possibilities into positive probabilities.

We just completed our "Biggest Loser" in our office and one lady lost

a whopping 29 pounds or 2.07 stones or 13.15 kilograms!

The men did pretty well also with one gentlemen losing 25 pounds,

or 1.78 stones, or 11.33 kilograms. 

I agree, that it is much easier to eat fast foods or other unhealthy foods

than to find the discipline to make some changes, even if it's for

our own best interest.

More often than not, we go by the "Mañana, I'll give up all _______ forever,

and exercise for 90 minutes every other day.

What I am really impressed with is that the people that lost all that weight

did it by reasonable discipline.

They started off by believing that they could change.

They took baby steps, or a series of small steps.

A baby doesn't leap to their feet and take off running.

A baby takes one very shaky tiny step at a time.. usually accompanied by a big wide,

"I am not sure I can do this grin."

I too suggest taking small steps, and having patience, self-compassion and small

amounts of self discipline.

New Year's is just three days away… what baby steps will you be taking?

Make it a great día!

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