The best of the best..

They say that a lot of things in Life are cut and dry.

I wish that there was some sort of list that could enlighten people sometimes.

Here's my list of some of the best and worst things we can do or have:

I tell everyone about not worrying about the things that haven't happened.

So the most destructive habit to me is to - Worry.

The greatest Joy in life is giving.

Quite possibly the greatest loss one can face is a loss of self-respect.

The most satisfying type of work is reaching out and helping others.

The ugliest personality trait is being selfish.

The best gift we can give another, is encouragement.

The most effective non prescription hypnotic is a peace of mind.

The most crippling disease anyone can acquire is excuses.

The most powerful force in life is understanding

The one thing that gives us the energy to continue and

we'd be dead without is hope.

The deadliest weapon is the tongue and gossiping.

The seven most power-filled words, "Never say I can't, say I'll try."

The greatest asset one can ever have is faith.

The most worthless emotion is self-pity.

The most beautiful piece of attire one can wear is a smile.

The most prized possession of all is integrity.

The most powerful channel of communication is prayer.

The most contagious natural spirit is enthusiasm!

What would the most important thing in your life be?

Make it a great día!

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