Quatro days and counting..

Just five more days till the new year begins.

What is one thing that I have I worked at and done better this past year?

Probably overcoming fear.

We all experience or encounter pretty much the same ones.

How we face them is the only difference between overcoming them and or

allowing them to live in our world.

How are you facing them?

Do you tend to ignore them and hope that they will go away?

Do you shy away from them?

Problem is that if we don't do something with them they will continue to exist,

and grow into scarier, bigger, faceless entities in our subconscious.

What if we were to face them bravely and meet them head on?

By doing this we will use them as stepping stones to our growth.

It doesn't have to be an all consuming dread fest.

Spending just minutes a day facing our fears enables us see them

as opportunities to overcome.

I always start off with the smallest, least scariest of them.

I make time after m y morning meditation and prayer to visualize

them and seeing me overcome them.

Gradually by observing and dismantling our fears, you end up seeing

that many of them were unworthy of our emotions.

Once you've confronted one, move o to the next.

You keep moving on up the road until you reach your greatest fear?

Just what would the worst thing that you imagine happening to you?

The take away any drama or emotion.

Is it still awful?

It's about putting everyone of those fears into a "relativity" space.

You can and must reduce your fears down to manageable proportions.

In the end most fears come down to some type of insecurity.

A lack of security that may include losing a personal possession, your home,

or your job.. or possibly a lack of love in not having a relationship

or losing a loved ones.

The other fears may fall into saving face, a lack of or making a fool of yourself,

and appearing stupid.

Either way a fear is nothing more than something that you have given credence

to and created in your imagination.

It's time to clear the attic (or under your bed) of all our boogie-monsters.

Time to Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a fearless día!

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