Creating a new universe.

44 hours and 14 minutes and we will all be celebrating 2012.

Time to begin sloughing off the old us and begin thinking, planning

and creating the new us.

I strongly believe that we create our own universe.

Like the law of attraction; our thoughts attract like minded thoughts.

Just like we once attracted the "love of our lives," or the next love to be,

even our best friends, and acquaintances.

If we are negative, than why would we expect to attract anything positive?

No one and nothing positive would want to reside in the negative.

So let's all seek to be and find everything positive in our lives.

We have more control over our beliefs, our intentions and our actions than

we give ourselves credit.

Be positive and choose to live in your new universe.

Don't give negative distractions or detractors any power.

Time to give them "la gran patada," the great big boot.

Time to create our best universe.

Make it a new día!

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