Feliz Año 2012!

It's just after midnight!

Feliz 2012 Amigos!

It will take a bit of getting used to - to writing 2012 that is.

Can I tell you why this is going to be a special year?

Other than my son saying that come March 19th, I will be a Grandpa.

Imagine that, I will be an Abuelito.

It is going to be a nina named Bryn!

I am overwhelmed with joy!

My Viejita would be over the moon.

But I need to get back to my blog...  it's longer than usual...

much longer, so please sit back and sip that champagne for a few minutes.

This is the year of the famous Mayan December 12, 2012.

2011 ended and we didn't face the calamities that were predicted

in Tonatiuh's (solar diety) sacred Aztec calendar.

BTW its an amazingly accurate calendar that has been in use

in various forms for more than 2,000 years.

The Zapotec prophecy spoke about “After thirteen heavens of

decreasing choice, and nine hells of increasing doom,

the Tree of Life would blossom with a fruit never before known in the creation,

and that the fruit would be the New Spirit of Men.” 

The 13 heavens and 9 hells were each 52 years long or aprox. 1,144 years.

It also predicted that each of the 9 hells were to be worse than the previous one.

That on the final day of the last hell or August 17, 1987, the god of death

Tezcatlipoca, would remove his mask of jade to reveal himself as

Quetzelcoatl, the god of Peace.

 In Aztec mythology the first age of mankind ended with the animals

devouring humans.

The second age was destroyed by wind, the third by fire,

and the fourth by water.

The fifth epoch is called  Sun of Earthquake, or Nahui-Olin which began

back in the 3000 B.C.s and was to end back on December 24, 2011.

But that day came and went a week ago..

that Saturday should have been the destruction of all human existence.

Then again that old crazy preacher, Senor Camping also predicted a while back

that on October 21st, the world would come to an end.

So enter 2012, and more doomsday predictions and the most famous one

coming from the great Mayans.

Their calendar which is divided into Seven Ages of Man claims that the end

will arrive on this Winter solstice or Sunday, December 23rd.

It is also written that only a few people will survive the catastrophe.

In this fifth age, humanity will realize its spiritual destiny.

In the sixth age, we will realize God within ourselves.

The coming of a new and welcoming spiritual world. 

A major Sun and Venus event is also supposed to occur this year

on June 5th and 6th.

Along with two solar eclipses.

The rare occurrence of Venus passing directly

in front of the Sun will make for a perfect alignment between the Earth,

Venus and the Sun.

The last such occurence happened 130 years ago in 1882, strangely enough

around the time of the rediscovery of ancient Mayan sacred sites.

There have been other prophesiers predicting the end of the world.

The Incas and Egyptians as well as Nostradamus.

Nostradamus you'll remember his prediction says that a great comet,

will impact somewhere in the Mediterranean on December 21st.

So if December 12th doesn't get us the 21st will? 

Then again back between 1958 and 1998, Edgar Cayce kept predicting

that a tilting of the Earth's axis would result in the earth breaking up.

This was supposed to cause a great portion of Japan to break off into the sea.

I Ching, and the Hopi Indians have also indicated that an apocalypse would

occur on December 2012.

So if you believe any of this that we're in for a real-time, cataclysmic 2012.

A year full of hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes,

extreme droughts, meteor strike and not one day but several days of reckoning. 

Let me assure you that these events are not going to be caused by a polar shift,

unusual solar activity, the earth colliding with a black hole,

an asteroid or a new planet.

2012 will not be some balancing of the cosmos or an intergalactic


There is no need to move to that now famous small French village of Bugarach

which presently only has 189 citizens.

The Pic de Bugarach is a commune located at the foot of the

Bugarag mountains in the south of France.

Esoterics claim that this is the only safe place to be come 12-12-12.

Well I am not about to learn another foreign language, and or move to France.

As my wise grandfather once told me, "The end of this world as we know it

will happen when we leave this earth."

Thanks for keeping up with me so far...

Amigos, to me 2012 and this New Year, is one I am committed

and proposing will be a great opportunity for change.

I have never liked or made new years resolutions, so what I am about to share is 

more of my own personal road map to a better me.

I want to use this new year to grow and to transform.

To dream BIGGER and work harder to make my dreams a reality.

Anyone who isn't happy with their life, can't blame anyone but themselves.

Happiness is after all dependent largely on one's current state of mind.

Happiness isn't about what one has or doesn't has, or the company we keep,

or who we think we are.

The biggest task this year will be to identify and know what it is I want for me..

which will in itself be the most difficult of personal challenges.

Writing it down and committing it to heart will be vital.

If we don't know what it is we're searching for - how will we ever find it?

It's time to move on from stagnant existential emptiness.

What has that got us? 

It's only given me more of the same - frustration.

I intend to write out a clear plan, a defined pathway to what I intend

my next 365 days to look like.

I want to be more decisive, take aim and pursue wholeheartedly those things

that I have lost focus on and really seek what matters to me.

I want to begin doing the things I have put off doing due to work-life imbalance.

No more accepting my own limitations and delays due to lack of want of decision.

Time to show that my confidence isn't lacking.

I will humbly believe that I am deserving of personal happiness.

That I am and open to attracting new and positive opportunities and the

important relationships that will come along.

I want to see life from a new and different perspective.

More importantly I will not attempt to change everything, or anyone except me. 

I want to be able to enjoy everything that I have more fully.

Accept who I am, what I have and live every minute of my existence in

a more gratitude filled way.

This blog is after all about living a more grateful existence

while on this earthly journey.

I know that this will all contribute to a much happier me, and earthly experience.

I want to renew forgotten friendships, write the letters and connect with

the people who meant something in my life at one time.

Time to rekindle those lost friendships and memories.

And no longer willing to accept that I may have grown too busy to keep up with anyone.

I want to be more open and honest and always tell my loved ones just how

much they are loved and that they truly matter.

I want to reprogram the channels I've been watching.

Its time to program new ones and choose more positive line ups.

I want to be and show more gratitude.

I want to be more generous with my time and things I value.

I want to be more respectful of others and if I have been unkind,

I want to make this a year filled with amends and rebuilding.

I want to show more kindness, more understanding and take the "seek to

understand rather than be understood," to a higher level.

I want to reciprocate the loyalty and confidence that my friends,

and peers and colleagues give me.

I want to be a better companion, friend, sibling, Father and in March

the best Grandfather.

I want to open up, and share my joys and my personal sadness.

I want to prioritize what happens and what matters ensuring always

that in my life moving forward..  people come way before things.

I want to accept others as they are and seek to learn from them.

I want to work to increase the capacity of seeing the reality of what is

and not like I'd like it to be.

I want to be able to reflect before acting and not allow

those terrible and unnecessary errant impulses beat me.

I want to take full advantage of my potential.

I want to make anyone that approaches me,

especially those I love - feel welcomed,

trusted and appreciated.

I want to understand my fears, undo any of those fears

that I readily can and have faith that I can overcome the ones

that have appeared tough to overcome.

I want to seek truth, in others, in this life and the mystery

that it extends and offers me.

I want to be strong and positive even at the worse moments.

I want to increase my self-esteem, self respect and keep my

ego in balance.

I want to free myself of the mistakes I've made, and any guilt that came

along as baggage.

I want to be able to forgive more readily,

especially all those that have hurt me and left me feeling resentful.

I want to be able to accept me as I am.

I want to seek forgiveness.

I want to forgive.

I want to make amends for any of my past actions, omissions

and unkind thoughts.

I want to learn to live life on a different plane.

I want to increase its intensity, without losing any memorable

moments in my pursuit.

I want to broadcast on a new wave length, transmitting positive waves

and communicating through more positive expressions. 

I want to earn and have just a sufficient amount to enjoy life.

I want to begin to simplify my existence.

I want to quit accumulating stuff, because as my Viejita would remind us,

"I came into this world without anything, and when that day comes,

I will be abandoning it with nothing."

As you can tell by my writings, I want a better world for me,

my loved ones and you - the people that have come to matter. 

I want this New Year, to be one filled with new found OPTIMISM,


I also am praying for the strength, courage and fortitude to make

these changes, reach each of them to their fullest potential

and fulfill everyone of my heartfelt wishes and desires.

Tall order - keep me in your prayers.

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Let's make it a great first día! 

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