Feliz Dia.

I was speaking with one of my agents the other day.

He wondered if my (as he calls it), Feliz Dia" appproach at the center was

the way I approached life in general.

I told him that I was the same person at the office that I was in my personal life.

I told him that it isn't hard to be happy.

I told him that I also believe happiness comes from spiritual wealth,

and not material wealth.

Spiritual not in a religious sense per se, but in a relative sense.

One achieves happiness from the day to day giving, and sharing with others.

I have never known anyone to be happy when all they did was get.

Life is about bringing happiness to everyone we cross paths with.

To be happy, we must try and make others around us happy.

It's that important ingredient that consists of trying to meet others needs, 

before meeting our own.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great dia!

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