It's time to let go.

I really enjoy reading and watching Dr. Wayne Dyer.

He once said “there are no justified resentments.” 

I completely agree with this statement. 

Our resentment serves to bind us to a negative place. 

It detracts us from learning about a situation and limits our own

ability to move on. 

We have all experienced moments that we were hurt or mistreated. 

In many of those situations we honored our feelings of hurt and betrayal. 

We probably or should have moved on and not allowed them to consume us. 

In allowing ourselves to stay in that state of mind, we gave our power over

our lives to the one that hurt us,

the one we allowed into our lives. 

If you are still stuck, than you have to take control.

The first step is to accept that you own the pain that you are feeling. 

You must take responsibility for having allowed that person into your life. 

It's time to quit blaming yourself for having failed to see

the warnings that you ignored.

You must begin to release the anger and the resentment. 

Let's begin reclaiming that part of your life.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great día!

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