Repaying a Karmic debt?

Have you ever had anyone talk to you about Karma?

Karma refers to the energy negative or positive, created by our actions

or relationships during our current or past lives.

Owing a Karmic debt means that one has to amend for something negative

that you may have caused in the past.

That it has to be addressed in the present before one can continue

to enjoy their life more fully.

Karma has its roots in ancient Eastern philosophy, Buddhism.

Karmic debt is also a way of helping people learn.

All of our debts provide some sort of a lesson.

However; Karmic debt isn't a punishment.

Although it may feel uncomfortable confronting our past.

Once we repay the debt, the hurt and fears and similar uncomfortable

sensations are supposed to leave us.

Maybe it is a means of helping us replace pain and fear

with peace and hope.

So the philosophical intent is that our past actions affect the present.

In order to feel more fulfilled, we must make peace with the past.

So clear the slate, make the necessary amends.

Confront whatever it is directly and make a conscious decision to let it go.

This journey will be hard enough, its time to get moving..

Make it a great día!

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