Why wait to awaken on that special day?

Why wait to awaken on that special day?

We awaken to a new day every day!

A new beginning.

An opportunity to bring forth the best we have to offer.

Confident about the importance of making the best out of the time we have.

It's taking the first step.

Not delaying the trip.

Nor waiting for some distant day to arrive before we get on the road.

Or believing that it may be too late for this journey, even before we’ve begun.

It's about not fearing to dream.

Having passion for and doing what makes us feel alive.

It's leaving all doubts behind.

Forcefully shutting the doors on a past regret.

Believing with certainty that our best days are still ahead.

Although we may lament the past..

just know that no one has control over their yesterdays..

and everyone tomorrow's are yet to come.

So stop worrying about anything that hasn't happened?

As you awaken to this new day,

All that you should concern yourself with,

is starting the journey.

Offering the day - the best you!

Make it a great día!

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