A winning formula.

We begin a new day.

We plan on winning.. on making the best of every opportuntity to succeed.

To do this we have to have the right formula.

First remember that fear can't fit into the equation.

Pain must not fit anywhere into the equation.

Ans fatigue can't be a part of the equation either.

We must never allow our minds to convince us that we can't do something.

Failure is a man made image.

Remember that the formula is a winning one.

The solution is one where everything factors into triumph.

You are in control of the outcome.

You are here to be better, so be BETTER!

You have one shot.

That's all we get every time.

Once is all we get at that attempt and than it's gone forever.

So never stop.

Never even think that there is a chance of quitting.

You wnat to finish on top.

You will finish strong.

Believe that you can - because you can.

Make it a great dia!

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