Enero 2, 2012.

Have you ever woken up thinking, what more can I be doing?

I have, more often then I care to admit.

So this year I want to dedicate my energies to finding more

purpose in my Life.

More purpose in the things I do, or have not more ably or fully given to.

Especially more purpose in serving others.

They say to live with purpose one has to find what it is that

they are searching.

Easier said than done you may say.

I also don't think one has to find just one sole thing to do.

It can also be more than one thing, and I think it should be

something that can mature and change as we

grow through life.

Purpose can be something meaningful that you are wanting

to reach.

Your purpose might also be a goal, or the things that you

do enroute, and that you take to reach it.

The end result of that which you desire to reach, achieve or become

are all part of our purpose. 

I found that choosing that "one" thing is easier to identify when you

know it makes a difference.

The difference can be to you, to another person, a certain cause

or the world in general.

Make it a purposeful día!

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