A hidden blessing.


I awake to another day of stiffness and upper cervical pain.

I did rest better last night.

I guess our pain is there to remind us of better things and times to come.

My Viejita was a very noble and fearless woman.

My Mother to her credit and last breath never once complained.

She faced her cancer bravely and head on.

She always was able to take things in stride.

No matter the size of the on coming challenge.

I remember as a little boy, I had fallen out of one of our apple trees.

I took a goof fall and skinned my hands and knees.

She came over and cleaned me up, hugged me and said that a little bit

of pain was good for us.

"It's God's way of saying you are alive."

I didn't understand the analogy then but came to understand it later.

We all face some sort of pain or struggle.

The greatest feeling is one where we've overcome an obstacle.

Pain is a hidden blessing.

Without the struggle, the challenge, the hurt we would never come

to understand fear.

I also believe that without fear, we would never know how to recognize

the pain we can cause others or ourselves for that matter.

Fear allows us understanding of how we can feel "compassion."

Thanks for your e-mails and calls.

Make it a great día!

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