I am an 8 today..

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I am beginning to feel less nauseas,

and my pain is about a 8 (just horrible), but not the agonizing (10) on

the Alder Hey Triage 1 -10 scale (That I had been experiencing).

So I am sitting on my meditation bench watching the birds, and the three

playful tree squirrels that have come pay me a visit.

Well the birdseed and corn cobs are the true reason that they visit,

but they're all fun to watch.

I was sitting here thinking that how we process the situations that arise

each moment of the day, exert untold influence in our attitude,

our satisfaction and happiness.

Our positiveness also perpetuates and influences our ability to heal.

Too many times we want something or someone else to fix whatever it is

that isn't "right," whether its something medical, physical or even

psychological within us.

It's been my experience that anything that is left unresolved, will persist,

and eventually impair our judgment, impair how we react,

and will undoubtedly trap us and keep us imprisoned.

It is up to us to force our own healing.

It's up to us to put ourselves on the path to resolving whatever it is that

needs resolution.

It is only through accepting the pain, and identifying it, that we begin to take

the needed steps toward healing.

I also 100% believe that all wounds and or psychological traumas have

some degree of resolution.

On our earthly journey, some degree of improvement in our happiness,

or sense of satisfaction is better then where ever it was

that we first started.

Make it a great día!     

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