Someone is buying someone's sandwich today.

Hola amigos! You've heard about paying it forward.

I just have to share what happened to me yesterday. 

About two months ago I was at a neighborhood sandwich shop.

I don't know, but I always tend to take way too much time thinking

about what I should order.

I think about the food selection in some quick detail.

I ask myself, if it's the healthiest thing on the menu, does what I am about

to eat have the least anount of calories, will it have less carbs etc...

I have great vision (thanks to PRK surgery from years ago), so no,

I never hold up the line.

I do have a great story to tell about a New York deli experience I once had, 

but I'll save that for another day.

Two brawny, serious looking young construction workers, with hard hats

in hands, bright vests and dusty steel toed boots were directly ahead of me. 

Then they ordered and begin rifling through their pockets,

and counting their money.

I waited patiently as they continued to look for the correct amounts. 

Then a strong urge came over me, one that commanded me to take my wallet

(I only had enough money for my sandwich), and take out my credit card.

I tapped one of them on the shoulder and said, "I'd like to pay for your lunches,

if you don't mind."

The two young men, looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

We quietly starred at each other for about 5 seconds.

Both of them sizing me up. One of them said, "Oh no sir, we couldn't

let you do that for us, but it's ok."

I told them, "Even if I insist on paying for both of you?"

They looked at me and then at each other in disbelief.

Then they shrugged their shoulders and with huge smiles on their faces said,

"Sir, no one has ever offerred to do that ever."

I shook their hands and said, "Promise me that you will think about

doing that for someone else one day."

We all got our food, went to different sides of the shop and the young men,

I noticed were talking about what had just happened, and they kept looking

in my direction while we all ate.

They kept smiling and nodding their heads at me.

One kept mouthing, "Thank you!"

As they got up to leave, they startled the ther patrons when they yelled

from one corner of the shop, "Thank you Sir! You made our day!"

Well yesterday I was at the same shop.

There I stood trying to figure out what I would eat, and asked the cashier

if she had ever tried one of the sandwiches I was thinking of trying.

A tall gentlemen was to my extreme left of the counter and lunged over

startling the cashier and I.

In his outstretched hand was a credit card.

He said, "I'm buying his lunch!"

I didn't recognize the young man right away, and responded,  

" Sir, that really nice of you, but I have money." 

The cashier looked at both of us somewhat confused.

He then looked at me and said, "Sir, you don't remember me, do you?"

I looked at him for what I thought was eternity, and finally placed him.

He was one of the two young men I had bought lunches for two months ago.

I smiled and answered, "Of course I do, now."

"I really appreciate the offer but it's ok."

He said, Sir you don't know what you meant for us that day." 

He nodded his head and quietly said, "Sir, I am 27 years old, and no one has

ever done that for me in my life."

"In fact, my friend and I both have paid it forward at least two times each."

At that point I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude inside.

"We have a personal contest to see how many times we can do that for stangers

each pay day."

I shook his hand, and thanked him.

The cashier smiled at both of us and said, "You guys, I don't believe this is happening."

I smiled at her and then at the young man, and said "I don't either."

Inside I was bursting with a sense of joy and gratitude. 

I felt like I had just won the lotto. 

I thanked him again and as we left the shop, he came up and reached over,

and thanked me again.

He said, "Sir, God bless you."

We shook hands again, this time as friends. 

Make it a pay it forward sort of dia!

You will be glad you did.

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