Una tortuga.

I am still doing a bit of suffering.

My neck procedure just hasn't kicked in the way I had hoped.

But I am grateful for everything in spite of the current extreme discomfort.

I am of the belief that one has to sometimes ignore our personal struggles,

no matter what they are for the better good.

No, I am not saying to ignore your health, your personal pain and or suffering.

What we could all do a bit more of is put whatever it is we are going

through in perspective.

Try and put as much if not everything you have to face in relative terms.

I myself am a very simple and practical man.

A realist when it comes to life.

I know that it will take time and some suffering to get to where I am better.

To get to a point where I am healed. So do me a favor.. well first of all

don't come up and give me a friendly pat on the back..

but more importantly be patient.

I too like the tortuga am going as fast as I can for the moment.

If I am slightly slower, maybe even a tad bid less patient..

please understand I am not firing on all "Tomas" cylinders. 

Make it a great día!

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