Taking a trip..

I am headed for headquarters this morning.

Still feeling the neck discomfort - yes (note I am minimizing it's degree of pain).

It's still there, but I am not going to continue to let it define and or

manage my existence.

It's time to push for more healing and create the illusion of change -

even when in reality I may just be just spinning my wheels.

Temporarily that is.

My instinct continues to tell me to push myself to the limits for reasons

unknown to me.

At least I don't fully understand in this moment.

But I am a man of great faith and know that my body, mind,

and spirit can take more.

Today as I get ready to board the MD-80, I pray for less pain,

to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally 100%.

I am grateful to be a part of a great company.

One with many truly great and inspiring folks.

I need to show them the Tomás that they have come to know,

and depend on.

I could also use your thoughts and prayers.

I'll need it the next three days.

Take care of yourselves, and always show up with the best

of who you are.

Make it a great día!

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