In Memphis for a couple of days.

It's a beautiful day here in Memphis.

Yes, I flew up yesterday so I awaken in an unfamiliar room and surroundings.

Later today I will be attending another block of coursework in Leadership.

What an amazing company it is - one that boldly states in its core values

their belief in Honoring God in All We Do.

Life is about honoring His word in not just our words but our actions.

What we say, the actions we choose to take and how we treat people matters.

My Leadership training has had many people that inspired me to lead as I lead today.

From my early beginnings and my incredibly loving but formal and stern Father,

my funny, witty loving Viejita, to the military officers especially

one Colonel who took it upon himself to personally embrace my family and I.

In my medical missionary work the very dedicated and nurturing professionals

at one of the top geriatric and hospice institutes.

Still later in my career the likes of a 60's civil rights soldier,

a Baptist minister and also a dear friend and corporate President

who is now the CEO of a leading technology company.

Leadership is about respecting others and treating them like we would

expect to be treated.

Throughout my own life's journey, I have made it a point to show everyone

that I have met that they will always be treated with the respect,

and dignity that they deserve.

No matter what is on your mind today, make it a point to slow down and

find time to show someone the love, respect and dignity that

they richly deserve.

Make it a great día!

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