It's all about how you look at it.

Feliz Lunes MUNDO!

I went to bed with it and I wake up with it.

Since the accident I have had to improvise how I typically do everything.

You may not know but consistent or chronic pain affects us at many levels.

In my life I've some to understand just how pain has directly impacted me

physically, psychologically, socially and even spiritually.

At the very bottom of the scorecard you have the stress,

and the daily physically draining component.

Psychologically, the affects of someone who is suffering with chronic pain is impacted.

Our ability to think clearly, more logically and to manage our emotions

and feelings tends to be compromised.

I also mentioned how it impacts us socially, and it does as well.

Quite often our chronic pain ends up affecting our ability to behave

in a consistently responsible way.

Our social lives get turned upside down because we aren't up to attending

a special birthday celebration, a gathering and or a simple luncheon.

We tend to say NO more often, or say YES, and worse of all end up not going

and disappointing someone.

Family members and close friends tend to see the difference first.

Gratefully in my case they have quietly accepted that something is amiss.

Chronic pain can even make one question their faith, or question why healing

isn't coming any faster.

Pain is that physical signal that tells us that something has been broken

or that there is something wrong is happening within us.

How we interpret the actual suffering or the meaning that we assign to the pain

is what I believe gets us through it.

One has to re-learn and re-think our approach to pain.

In the past it may have been a slight sprain, maybe even a broken ankle.

You and your brain know that in 6 weeks, the cast will come off,

and you'll be soon back to your previous level of activity.

With chronic pain, the symptoms can range from annoying to the uncomfortable,

to moderately distressing to at the other end of the scale

at the excruciating point of non stop suffering.

It really physiologically impacts your very essence of who you once were.

Your thought processes are impacted and all at once it is difficult to think

with clarity and concentrate.

Easy situations and problems all of a sudden take more time to solve.

The hardest part of these past two and a half years has been keeping

my usual "Joie de vivre" mentality.

Keeping at bay all self-defeating, negative or depressive thoughts.

I have to thank and acknowledged just how blessed I have been to have

a supportive family, close friends, colleagues,

and a few of the very people I lead and my great physicians too.

Important "healers" that have been put in my path, and who now continue

to keep me in their prayers, their thoughts and their grace. 

It has been their heart-line that has kept me continuously fueled with hope,

with faith and kept me going.

One day I'll be able to get the necessary cervical surgery

I've been prescribed behind me. 

Until that day I will continue to focus on my taking it day by day,

leaning on my faith, my family, and friends a bit more than I have in the past.

If I haven't thanked you lately, muchas gracias and  thank-you! 

Make it a great día!

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