Ever come back from a trip and find yourself going through your home

looking around taking in all your memories.

Maybe it's just the sense of being back home.

That and probably getting a restful night of sleep in your own bed.

Well I came across an old picture of several gigantic sunflowers

last night. 

It made me smile.

All of the sunflower plants were at least six feet tall!

But there next to them was this petite lady smiling proudly by them.

My Viejita, as those that knew her was a very funny woman.

She never had a bad day.

She woke up expecting to make every day a positive one.

She lit up any room she ever entered.

Her beautiful smile, laughter, and colorful wardrobe added to her HUGE presence.

She was just like her favorite flowers, the sunflower.

She loved being out in the sun and loved bright colors - especially

any shade of yellow.

She like her sunflowers, brightened up any garden.

Sunflowers actually follow the sun.

Their beautiful seed covered heads and yellow petals wake up

facing the eastern skies.

My Viejita was a great listener and always knew what to say

especially when it mattered most.

She kept up with everyone and everything around her..

just like her sunflowers.

I don't know if you knew, but they magically track the sun throughout the day.

The technical name for this unusual movement is called "heliotropism." 

Yet after dark, their heads somehow know to reorient themselves to face

the morning sun the next day.

That was my Viejita, we knew we could depend on her,

to greet us and be with us throughout the long day.

She woke up ready to face the sun and the day.

Today I am grateful that she taught me to look for and expect to find

the sunny warmth everyone has to offer.

I hope you made it a sunny día!

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