Our permanent extra ONE degree.

Thanks for your e-mails. I am about the same - have a Dr.'s appointment next week.

I was thinking about the week and all that we have accomplished.

It's been pretty busy.

We have a new center leader, I probably mentioned it before.

We'd been flying solo for over seven months.

Well I take that back, not entirely solo, I have had a co-pilot who was

a phone call away.

A gifted man and one of the best Directors and managers I have personally

ever been blessed to work for and with.

I have had very few Directors in my time.

After all I am one of those extremely fortunate men that can count

the number of employers on one hand.

Several decades worth - believe me it's been a great run.

I am grateful for his support, his honesty and leadership.

Our center's success today is due in large part to his wisdom,

direction and passion.

He is also one of the wittest people I know.

So as I thank him, I also want to give you some honest observation

and insight into my new boss.

He has shown to be a man of great stature.

His keen analytical sense, emotional intelligence, calm demeanor

and integrity are going to be extremely valuable to our success.

I also appreciate his sense of humor, his frankness and field experience.

Can I add he is also a tough guy.

Who the very morning we were flying to headquarters was at the hospital.

Yet, later on that day rejoined the strategy meetings after having made

the 900 mile trip.

I can't wait to blog about our future successes.

I kept telling my agents that we were going to have a break out year.

That by implementing my 212° mindset or philosophy, 

( actually Sam Parker's ) philosophy.

A premise based on the fact that at 211 degrees,

water is extremely hot.

That at 212 degrees, it suddenly boils.

And with boiling water, immediately comes steam.

And as you know, with steam, one can power a steamship across the ocean.

Just one extra degree can make all the difference.

Well looks like we just got our extra (additional) ONE degree.

Make it a great día! 

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