Our thoughts are our actions.

Our image of what is to be, comes by our thinking.

I constantly have to remind friends, colleagues and even the people

I am entrusted to lead.. that they first must not worry about

what hasn't happened.

The second thing I am constantly reminding them is to be positive -

to be in the moment - the "Feliz día" sort of thinking moment.

Today I have a lot to complete before I go to a Dr.'s appt.

(I had actually planned on taking the rest of the afternoon off).

I say planned because I have a few things that came up,

and I will need to return to the office after the appt.

But I digress - Life really is a visual of how we express ourselves.

Whether quietly or in a loud accentuated way -

what we think is what will be realized.

Out thoughts tend to contribute to the texture of what we end up painting.

Our reality is an extension of what we think,

of listening and following through with those thoughts.

Today no matter what - I need you to think and paint a more

completely positive, kind of

"Feliz día."

Make it a great día!

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