Personal best practices?

Well day two and I didn't get any sleep last night.

The flight and long day made it difficult to do the things that I

have been doing to keep my neck pain in check.

I probably will not be able to ice my neck down,

do the stretching, or take the time to relax

or medication as prescribed (or needed). 

But one thing life's taught me; is that no matter the obstacle,

one has to quickly adapt.

We all have to find a way to through whatever it is we're facing.

Whether its pain, a physical injury, a challenge or obstacle..

we have to get by them.

It's about pushing ourselves to go over or through them.

If success was as easy as popping a pill (to ensure we'd meet it's

therapeutic window), then we'd all already be there but we'd

never appreciate it.

Success takes a lot of personal effort.

It takes being in it for the long haul.

Make sure to meet all of your commitments.

Success takes daily preparation and following through.

It is taking the necessary steps forward and adhering to a regiment.  

Like medications, they don't work if you don't take them.

And we will never get better, improve or progress if we wait for it

(or anything for that matter), to happen on its own.

I have a very full day ahead but one that I have been looking anxiously forward to.

Today I meet all my leadership, and my counterparts.

What an amazing opportuntity to listen, to learn, to share my thoughts and ideas. 

Better yet to be able to take it all back, and share with my center.

 Make it a great día!

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