With pen in hand.

I slept very little last night.

Still no pain relief, but pain grateful that I am still able to tolerate the pain

in suffiecient spaces of time to continue to lead and manage the many

responsibilities I have been given.

And though I am a simple realist, I am also an huge optimist.

One that believes that  we have the power to change our destiny and direction.

We all have been given the ability to begin each day with pen in hand.

Each day we write a new chapter in our book of life.

We may not be able to write the final chapter, as that day will get there before

you know it.

But today like every dawn we all have an opportunity to start a new.

I know if I could pen the outcomes before they occurred I would write

the best possible ones.

Truth is that we can.

Each day we have the opportunity to begin our day just the way we want,

expect and want it to be.

What achievements and successes would we want to experience?

Would it be a wealth achievement, true love, or maybe something more

important as being loved and nurtured to the degree that you love and nurture?

We all have life's pen in hand.

My Father was pragmatic and extremely competitive.

He would tell us, "You can be, do, and have anything you desire.

Given the same playing field there is no reason why you can't achieve

the same level of success as the next fellow!"

So, today make it a point to write your story, with the end in sight.

Your goals, your aspirations and dreams can come true.

It starts with you.

You and no one else must care enough to strive and drive to make them a reality.

Write them just like you have always dreamt them to be.

Make your outcomes, yours.

Pen them with a successful and happy endings.

Make it a great día!

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