I am not a fan of reality TV.

Yet I have caught myself flipping through channels over the last couple of years,

and have come across some rather crazy reality shows.

I have to wonder if the people in them could see themselves before they

were shown on TV, would they change anything?

After all the raw footage and the re-edits, somehow the final proof tends

to not paint a very good picture.

We are in a similar lifetime reality show.

What I try and do is put the best face I can on the Tomás reality series.

Real life is not after all some edited footage of thousands of hours

of scripted action.

Moreover, we don't get a second chance to go back and edit,

and change the narrative.

How others see us is how we are presenting ourselves.

Our lives stand on their own merit.

What we say, how we say it and what we do are all composites

of an indelible ink print.

Our personal ink print.

We are the not only the actors in our own movie,

but the executive producers and directors of it.

Make it an honest and best "me" kind of día!

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