Celebrating our camaraderie!

I spent a great deal of the day interviewing yesterday.

One of the candidates had some keen observations.

She admired our center and than added that from the expressions

on our agent's faces, and the affable interexchanges (while I was giving her the tour),

that she could sense the level of camaraderie.

That word you typically don't hear in the civilian vocabulary.

Camaraderie is a strong sense of friendship.

We used it often in my military life. 

It is a degree of friendship that is based on trust among a group

or team of people.

I turned to her and said that I couldn't agree more.

One doesn't go out and create this kind of bond over night.

It takes more than just time, or intermittent personal interactions

to develop this level of relationship.

You can't decide one day to say, hmmmm.. today we're all going

to trust one another, to bond, become closer and emit

this strong essence of friendship.

Trust and collaborative work passion can't be dictated.

It takes time to develop, and it has to come from within.

Celebrating each other's success is where it begins.

Creating a environment that supports opportunities to grow, develop

and bond are vital not only for a company's success but it's future.

I love the work I do, and it has taken time to earn the respect,

and trust that I enjoy today with each member of our close knit center.

We all have a part to play in how we create this unique energy.

I am quite proud of what we've accomplised as a center in 2011,

especially the hard work, and passion that each one of our talented

associates willingly contributed.

We have a lot of opportunties and challenges ahead.

And I know that as a team - or "EQUIPO," as I fondly call my folks

we will be up to the challenge.

Yet that sense of camaraderie that a stranger, a new visitor entering

our doors could sense;

now that is the best compliment anyone could give us!

Make it a great día!

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