Mi doctor el huesero..

I had to go see my neuro again recently.

My neck is still giving me a great deal of discomfort,

and the procedure that was supposed to relieve the pain after

about 3 weeks hasn't helped.

It made me think of the two people in the village that were always there

to help heal anyone that had suffered a back,

arm or leg injury.

Typically those injuries came from a muscle strain or a fall from a horse.

In the village we have a "huesero" and a "curandero," both come from

generations of healers and shamans.

Passing their knowledge and experience down to their children,

and their grandchildren.

The "huesero" not to be confused with a "sobador,"

actually comes from the Mayans.

Historically they were people with a gift for healing through touch. 

A huesero is almost like our modern day chiropractor.

They work on dislocations and injuries.

Their naturalist approach through careful flexion and extension and tissue massage 

works to bring circulation and reduce the swelling of an injury.

The old huesero in the village always talked about the 26 vertebrae,

and 26 bones in our feet.

Having never been to medical school, and unable to read he certainly knew

his bone structure and tendon and muscle articulations.

A sobador (male version) or sobadora (female version) was anyone with

a keen sense for massages.

Anyone could call themselves one, but very few were recognized like the hueseros. 

To this day they are also less expensive to go see than the huesero.

Somedays I wonder if I am not better off just moving back to the village,

and seeing my good friend Don Hipolito el maestro y "huesero."

Make it a great día.

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