One year ago today.

One can see Cd. Juarez from any point on I-10.

Blanketed in a smog of sadness and a city under siege.

Today is also a year since they robbed, and killed my cousin

Arturo as he left a bank in downtown Cd. Juarez.

He would take several of his employees checks and risk

taking them to the back to cash them so that they sould not have to

run the risk of being robbed or worse killed.

Arturo had been doing this for several months, each Friday usually

changing his route and times.

Always careful and faith filled.

Someone had to have alerted the people who followed him,

stopped his car and killed him in the light of day.

It is another tragic chapter in our family's book.

Another young businessman, whose life was taken.

There were many witnesses and yet no one saw the tragic shooting. 

Friday at 1:20 p.m. Arturo was robbed and murdered in Cd. Juárez

back on March 18, 2011.

They haven't found his assasins.

The investigation that at one point was leading to an inside job

somehow went cold. 

He had always been extremely careful and didn't take any unnecessary chances.

You can never be too safe.. he would say, even the mice don't come out to play.

If I was to measure his value as a man...

I would have to remember how he lived his life,

his actions,

his words,



and unfailing generous heart,

a loving man,

whose one main wish was to one day see his beloved city

return to normalcy.

He was as noble as his self-worth.

A rare individual who never had anything negative to say about anyone.

Nor say anything that he had to apologize for.

Kind, generous and loving.

Memories of Arturo will live in our hearts forever.

Alone on the Chihuahuan pavement he had stood.

Like a young fragile weed peering out through the pavement cracks.

Suffocating from the searing air of despair all too abundant

around the streets of Juarez these days.

Still Arturo thirsted for Hope, and for the precious gift of Life.

Patiently awaiting his day of redemption.

Wake up!

I'm here!

I have brought you Salvation and Joy!

But the young weed, had trouble hearing and could not reach for his gift,

He laid too deep, wilted on the searing pavement.

Very still he remained.

You will never be alone!

He had returned once again and called his name.

To the very spot of crimson where he laid.

Loud prayers could be heard

- Aleluyah!

And a new pair of wings,

and as he streched out his arms he earned what was his.

Faith and Joy had been offered to the most worthy of all.

Eternal rest calling his name.

Nos haces falta querido primo.

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