Our personal maps.

Ever take a trip?

The only way you reached your destination especially if it was your first time

going there was to have some sort of road map.

A written set of instructions or a plan to get us there.

Whenever I set a goal I also need a road map.

A map will also provide information about what direction not to turn,

unless you want to end up in a lake, so in essence it not only tells us

where to go, but where not to go.

We all need goals.

No matter the size, and yet a lot of us drive with no personal

road map to success.

A goals is a lot like our personal map.

Whatever our goal or goals are we must have some sort of direction

on which to focus our energy on.

Than as we drive on, we know where to turn, what route to take,

the distance you need to go to arrive at your destination.

We must be able to visualize the trip by breaking it down,

and than start driving or take action to achieve it.

This "action" is our commitment.

Without a map or goal, we will end up nowhere, or, very well

end up lost and have wasted a lot of precious fuel (time and energy).

I like a quote about goals and focusing written by Peter McWilliams, it says,

"Our thoughts create our reality - where we put our focus

is the direction we tend to go."

Make it a goal oriented día!

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