Strive for the best YOU!

We all have those days when we seem to be in a funk.

I work extra hard to make sure that I release and or unload whatever it is

that is weighing me down.

I begin each day on my knees and give thanks for my yesterday,

and for the dawn ahead.

I can't say that I free of of any negative emotion.

I am blessed and pretty lucky to say that more often than not I am in good spirits.

Although I can also say that I am not exempt from feeling down or have experienced

having the "blues."

It has to begin with how you start your day.

I had a great role model in my Viejita, she always maintained a hopeful, positive,

and peaceful state of mind. 

Every now and than when I find myself feeling down, negative, discouraged,

or stressed I stop and think of the things I can be grateful for.

Instead of just accepting my bad mood, or try to plow head first into my pity party…

I remind myself that these feelings are temporary.

I don’t try to over analyze them or flee from them.

I take a breath, say a quick prayer, meditate if I need to and understand

that it’s a natural part our life's journey.

I quickly add a smile to the moment and remind myself that that feeling,

emotion or moment wil soon be gone.

I also don't worry about the things that haven't happened, and I certainly

don't dwell on any negativity.

I know that in the past the only thing that stressing out just created more of it.

It reminds me of another one of my favorite proverbs, “This too shall pass.”

Strive to have a greater sense inner-peace.

Also make sure you are also being compassionate towards those around you.

Make it a great día!

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