Unidos en El Paso.

Everyone needs a good friend.

Some I have been very fortunate to have known for many years,

a couple go back to my military days.

But here in El Paso I not only have some family; but a friend in Rene,

and his immediate family that long ago (since the 80's) accepted me

as their own.

It didn't hurt that I recruited Rene right out of college to come work where

I worked years ago.

Today he is a grown man with a great family and a promising career.

This evening after spending time with Desi and our little Bryn,

I was invited over to take in Pablo's soccer match.

They lost a close one 3 - 1. 

His children - all three have grown up into beautiful and talented teenagers.

Two boys and a girl, Ale, as in Alexandra who is almost sixteen and called me just

to say hello from Los Angeles, (where she is away at a church conference).

There is no mystical secret to having friends.

You just have to learn to be a good one, back.

Don't ever allow distance or time to separate you from those that you care about,

for they are the very people that will love you right back.

Make it a great día!

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