Different use for a chisel.

This morning I wanted to write about embracing difficulties.

Too often we end up erroneously convincing ourselves that today's difficulties

are somehow going to be etched in our tomorrows.

That whatever challenges we experienced today, are somehow going

to be added to the load we might end up carrying tomorrow.

Not so, we have to be able to glean all we can and learn from today's

challenges and difficulties so that "when" or "if" we should face them again,

we are all much better prepared to take them on.

So try being grateful for these teaching moments.

Yes, grateful.

I know that if you are currently going through tough times,

you're probably saying, "Tomás are you kidding me?" and

"What kind of pollyannaish advise is this?"

Maybe even worse.

It's all i how we see things.

I believe at my core, that everything I have ever experienced

has had the power to elevate me to a another level.

I've come away knowing that my holding on to regrets, any resentment,

jealousies or rancor only made me feel worse.

That I was the only one feeling those emotions, and that only I

had the power to release them and let go of them.

So next time take your chisel and hammer and chip away at the obstacle..

instead of etching them for your own personal memorial marker.

Make it a great dia!

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