Do it!

If we didn't get off to a great día today, then whatever you do -

know that you have the power to change that.

Work either at the office or at home, or school will always be full of different

kinds of challenges.

Challenges and not stressors.

We decide how we want to label and approach them.

It doesn't matter whether you are facing changes in how your work life

is taking a new direction, changes in your management, maybe a loved ones

is leaving, or changes in your personal and financial funding.

Although unnerving with added feelings of uncertainty, the key is to find a way

to view them as an opportunity to see what we can do to improve ourselves,

and the situation.

To see it as a temporary obstacle to overcome rather

than painful, and permanent.

We all have tremendous power and talents to get out and do more.

And if we look objectively for solutions we will overcome the obstacles quicker.

We need to climb if just for a moment up above the obstacle and try,

to see what positive lies ahead.

Looking at the stress points in life as opportunities, to live a life we may not

for the moment be able to imagine.

We must put our energies - all of our energies in our endeavor to wrest

from our changing situation or experience its total and unique meaning.

I love a quote from Ben Franklin, he once wrote, "Hide not your talents,

they for use were made.

What's a sundial in the shade?"

Turn up those sleeves, push ahead and know that every obstacle

has a solution.

That these trying moments are temporary and that you will succeed!  

Make it a great día!

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