Mas sobre Bryn.

Buenos días. I now have more pictures of Bryn!

Yesterday was her first wellness check up.

I am so excited about this little one.

Something very special about saying your are now a Grandpa and Abuelito.

We can't wait till she's telling us all about what she thinks.

I can only imagine the moments to come.

Crawling and climbing all over the house.

Hiding in closets and taking everything out of the cupboards

Eating markers and anything that she can put in her mouth - Desi once ate a cricket..

we think it was already dead.

Playing with make-up or kitchen tools

Squealing with laughter, laughing and singing.

Testing all and every boundary.

Trying to get away with it all - he parents may instill limits, but somehow

Grandparents (so I've learned tend to not do a great job at this ;)

Big hugs.

Falling asleep in our arms after we've read or sang to her.

Watching whatever it is that all little ones watch now.

Learning, exploring and just being curious.

Making up words and imaginary friends.

Getting into the tub with pyjamas still on - yes Desi did this as well.

Pounding the piano keys and singing. 

Giving us more LOVE than we could ever deserve.

Looking like an angel while she is sleeping.

I am so glad you are in our world.

Make it a great día!

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