No one said it would be easy.

What does loving someone mean?

Love is being thrown off kilter with a feather, being daring, to feel fury,

it can be tender, or rough, literal or liberal, aloof, encouraging,

teach you about mortality, death, joyous and alive, loyalty,

can it also include treasonous feelings or acts?,

cowardice, spirited; imbalance, finding the good center, bliss,

cheerfulness, sadness, humbleness, arrogance, anger, bravery, satisfaction,

trust, distrustful; fleeing or facing disappointment, to drink a smooth poison,

to be grateful for the benefits, to forget the benefits, to love the hurt,

embrace and clear any wreckage, healing, repairing the damage;

to believe that even heaven has moments of hell, to give life, share love,

and give your soul mate what she/he needs, to fulfill a need, to make dreams

come true:

this is love..

those who have tasted it will know what I mean.

Make it a loving día!

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