Why there's CHANGE.

We continue to make changes at our center.

Changes necessary to take us to the next level.

I’d like to share with you a few things that have helped me deal with change,

along the way.

I've faced all sorts of opportunities to embrace change.

Change is nothing more than necessary improvements to how we are doing

one thing or the other.

Change is every situation is unique.

No matter the challenge, one can adapt quicker if we see it for what it is.

Trying to fight it or deny it will only make it that much more difficult.

Ignoring it and wishing it away is an approach that will only provide short-term relief.

Truthfully thought it only delays it and it never helps in the long-run.

Face change "head on" and be honest with yourself. Yes, face your "fear or fears

of change.

Honestly face your fears

How well we tolerate and adapt to it is basically ingrained in each of us.

Some of us are more risk adverse than others.

Some of us like things exactly as they have always been or done.

Complacent and predictable.

If you are one of those thinking types than you will probably one of those that will

go kicking and screaming to the end.

You'll add more stress and grey hairs to your head.

For you, ask more questions and seek out encouragement.

But don't deny it and don't sabotage change or yourself.

Management needs to communicate it better.

In order to successfully navigate through change, everyone needs to be

on the same page.

Seek out a friend or co-worker who you see is adapting faster or who

is less resistant.

If an unforeseen issue or situation should arise, look around and seek out

all the resources available.

Whether those resources is your leadership, other people, time, or improved

skills leverage them and make them a part of your adjustment.

Yes, change is rarely easy; it is often a source of great stress.

No matter how you deal with it, know that there will always be a beginning,

a transition and a destination.

Change should be a part of our lives.

A normal everyday occurrence that opens new doors and opportunities to

improve either something or someone - sometimes both.

Make it a great día!  

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