Adios amigos...

And so after a great career run I bid my work family goodbye. This is the memo I sent out that day.

"I often wondered what my last day here would be like. I actually dreamed of the perfect ending a few months back.

But I've also learned the hard way, that some stories don't have a clear beginning or a final end. Life after all is about spatial sequences, about uncertainty, and about change.

It is taking this moment and cranking out the best of it, even if we don't have a clue about what's going to happen next.

My Viejita always said that the greatest compliment we would be given, would be upon our departure. To the degree that we might be thought about or missed upon our departing.
She said that to accomplish that we had to earn our farewell's reward.

She said that we could accomplish that by being remembered for our hard work, for our good humor and most importantly our integrity.

As I leave you today I hope I have made her proud. I will miss you – some more than others ;)  But I will miss you all.

So my parting advice – is to stay in touch - call - e-mail me or read my daily blog each morning at to get your daily dose of Tomas’ simple recipe for living a grateful life.

Then there are a few nuggets I'd like to share:

If you ever need to choose between being right and being kind - please choose to be kind.

Make seeking to understand, rather than being understood a part of your being.

I learned so much by always listening more and talking less.

Definitely think before you speak, rather than speaking without thinking.

Seek to value people and experiences for what they mean, rather than what they’re worth.

I sleep about 5 to 5 1/2 hours each day, so this one comes easy for me. Life as we know it is pretty short and each minute that we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of life. So sleep less and get out there and live more.

Live your LIFE in GRATITUDE – Give back! Be crazy generous with your affection, your love, your time and yourself.

If someone offends you - forgive… take my Viejita’s advice and the very next time you feel angry and want to give someone a piece of your mind - try writing those harsh feelings on a piece of ice. Then step back and wait for the sun to shine.

I was raised with the sensibility that no one had the right to look down upon someone else, except of course when we were extending our hand to get them up on their feet.

I am sure it's almost cliché but "Never, ever go a full day without telling those you love, how much you love them."

I truly try and live my LIFE in LOVE with LOVE and through love

Never say you can’t say you’ll try.

Never be in such a hurry to reach your mountain peak. The greatest happiness will never come in reaching the highest point...  but in the experiences you will feel in scaling it.

Always show pride and determination and remember that like the wind they have the power to both extinguish a tiny candle or fan a fire.

So as I say my last Adios – I want to say thanks for being great Colegas and friends.

You have all helped change my life for the better.

Take great care of yourselves and each other.

Always make it a great dia!

Love all of you - para Siempre."


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