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Batalla de Puebla anybody?

Sorry I wanted to post this yeaterday on the actual CINCO de MAYO. So today is "Cinco de Mayo" a bit of a misconstrued holiday in our country,  even by people of Latino descent. Most " gente " people do not seem to care about  the origin and cultural significance of the celebration of  Cinco de Mayo . They will simply see it as an  opportunity to gather (now that businesses are allowed to be open at 100% ), at various locations around town get drunk on low priced Coronas  or Margaritas.  Somehow despite its commercialization, this holiday has meaning  to me. Let's see if I can put a little bit of   perspective back in to it. I know that after reading this you  will see some of its significance. It's biggest misconception is that it commemorates Mexico's Independence Day.   It’s a long story but from the time of the Mexican Independence in 1821 to the time of this battle at Puebla t he French Army of Napoleon III was considered the p

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