Looking out my window a day after Christmas.

CHRISTMAS is now 364 days away… so many things to do

before than.   

Maybe rekindle that FRIENDSHIP   you've been putting off –

even if it’s through Facebook.   

Practice   FORGIVENESS and dismiss a suspicion and

replace it with trust. I am sure there is someone out there that misses you -

send an e-mail or better yet write them a letter.   

People go through hard times, each of us to a varying degree... 

ENCOURAGE someone who is questioning their FAITH.   

Have you told yourself or someone you would do something? 

Hold that PROMISE true no matter what. 

Arguements have trivial beginings.

Forget that petty grudge.   

I at times find myself wanting to keep things orderly. 

Examine your demands on others and decrease them. 

Be generous of your time... Volunteer.

It's an investment in someone's future.   

Stand up for a personal cause.

Fight for justice and PRINCIPLE.  

Express your LOVE to someone, "I LOVE YOU TODAY!"  

We have so much to be thankful for.

Express your GRATITUDE in as many ways as you can.   

Seek to BE in a GRATEFUL state and LIVE a GRATEFUL LIFE

these next 364 days.    

Make it a great dia! 

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