We can end up happier and healthier IF...

I read that research done by R.A. Emmons and M.E. McCullough

in 2003 showed that, people who were encouraged to express

GRATITUDE reported feeling HAPPIER,

more excited and JOYFUL, and a clear majority even had fewer

headaches and colds.

I sat and thought of just how LUCKY we all were – some more than others.

The important point is to be able to look for opportunities to remind

ourselves just how “LUCKY” we really are.

One great way to approach this; is in your personal LIFE and your WORK,

and by your simple GRATITUDE.

Remembering that in the big scope of things, we're not entitled to either –

that they are both GIFTS.

I can’t imagine myself not being able to work, to serve, and have meaning to another...

that would be truly unfortunate, and unlucky.

Yet we are all LUCKY in many ways – and should be GRATEFUL

for the opportunities that we're given each day to see just how much.

Make it a great dia!

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