Get cooking...

"Solo hablando, no se va cocinar el arroz." roughly translated...

 talking about it is not going to get it done!

No matter what it is you're working on or are busy at ... stop talking about,

and get cooking! 

I actually built a very similar stove set-up back in Mexico a few years ago,

although mine has bricks instead of cement for a base.  

We use it for cooking (on a separate property we call "el temporal")

just across the Bavispe river.  

There we have a small, two room adobe building that sits on the edge of the river.

It is there where we grow pinto beans, turnips, cabbages, cucumbers,

and other vegetables.

Our garden is close to the river and sits on part of our family's 200 acres.

Like most of our relatives and neighbors that raise goats or cattle,

and that live in the high sierras of Sonora - we also allow our cows to roam,

and feed freely.

Pretty organic, huh? 

Get cooking.

Make it a great dia!

* Remember to go to or text GIVE to 50555 or you can also text HAITI to 90999 if you haven't already and $10.00 will be charged to your phone bill with your donation going to the Red Cross.

"ÒMen anpil chay pa lou,Ó" is a Haitian proverb which translated means, "Many hands lighten the load."

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