One flesh. Agape Love...

We must be of ONE flesh. All SERVANT. AGAPE love.

Haiti urgently needs our help – as the hours pass more

people continue to die – some because of their injuries and no medical

assistance and untold others because we were to late to dig out.

Few times in life will we be given an opportunity to nurse, feed, clothe

or shelter another in such a way that it saves its life.

The people of Haiti had very little to start with and now have nothing.

Haiti needs us now and much more than ever before.

It needs our long term commitment to finally help them move beyond

their relentless poverty, despair and dysfunction.

Haiti has never been able to fulfill its potential as a nation. 

They are a young nation with 38% of Haitians under the age of 15.

We need to support them so that one day these noble Haitian children,

and people can reclaim their destiny. 

Be of ONE flesh, all serving and show agape love.

You can text HAITI to 90999 and $10.00 will be charged to your phone bill

with your donation going to the American Red Cross.

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