They live in our hearts...

Yesterday I attended a funeral and the second in as many weeks.

I lost a dear friend who succumbed to an acute case of pneumonia.

Hearing his daughter's eulogy was insightful. In all the years I worked

with Brent, he never shared some of his more personal stories –

he truly had lived an amazing life.

Brent was a true renaissance man, heroic Army veteran, a gifted intellectual

with several patents, a scientist, a lover of history and a devoted husband and father.

He lived his life with integrity, curiosity, honesty, a positive attitude,

and a great sense of humor.

Through my own grief over the past few months, I am realizing that death

is the ultimate mystery.

Could it be that death somehow sums up one’s life journey?

Is death truly the culmination of one’s life?

Are we all on our own personal pilgrimages?

Quite frankly I think the answer is probably yes to all of them.

One thing I am more than sure of is that we have to make the best of each day;

for from the very moment we’re born, the process of dying has begun,

and we begin marching towards death.

We don’t have time to waste!

I also believe that the one mistake we can make is to be in denial about dying.

Being in denial about the reality of death means we will end up missing

life's greatest mystery.

We will end up missing the whole point of having lived.

We will end up missing the true meaning of life.

We might even end up missing the purpose of our lives.

Don’t kid yourself life and death are not two separate mysteries.

Our journey and our goals are intertwined… and our journey gives meaning

in relationship to each of our goals.

So what am I learning? 

That death will leave us heartbroken and it will be a heartache

that no one will ever heal. 

I sense that the vacuum from the loss of my beloved Viejita is permanent.

But I am confident that by loving her completely and totally in life -

even with her dying, that her love left memories that no one, 

and nothing will ever erase.

And though death ends life, it will never end that important relationship

to our loved ones.

For they will forever live in the hearts they leave behind…

and they will never really die.

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