What has meaning for you?

When everything is scarce – everything has meaning.

People in Haiti didn't even have a band aid at some clinics and the only pain

medicine was Motrin at others (this situation was reported as having occured

for several surgical amputees). 

So if everything in our lives suddenly became scarce - would you suddenly

evaluate everything differently?

The people of Haiti have given the world a "teaching" moment.

Through their devastation they are teaching the world a valuable lesson about

loss and meaning.

Though the vast majority of us probably have more than enough.

Is this thinking still applicable to us?

Does this make sense to try and sew into the fabric of our lives? 

My Viejita (nickname I fondly gave my Mother as a child and who sadly passed away

recently used to teach us to be fabric menders. 

The boys of course hated the title of her life's lesson - for very few boys or men

in our village ever did any type of domestic work back then and that

included any type of sewing. 

She never met a stranger and we might not have had a whole lot growing up...  

yet she always made sure that she helped whomever needed it. 

Never looking for a thank-you or asking for something in return.

She did it because in her eyes it was the only right thing to do.

I remember my Father getting upset on a few occasions; like the time she had

loaned one of our working animals for a few days to Juan Loreto

or on another occasion when she had given away some of our much treasured

kerosene to a neighbor Tia Tencha (not really an Aunt but everyone respectfully

called her by this name).

My Viejita would literally help anyone who fell out of a tree and into her path.

Today I look for opportunities to help mend another's fabric.

Often times it is just a small tear, doesn't take much sewing on my part,

and more important it helps to get them on their way. 

This important life's lesson has also taught me that by helping another with out

strings attached - they too will often times "pay it forward."

Let's work hard to make sure our lives have meaning and purpose.

Today I thank Haiti for reminding me to be ever so grateful for my lott in life,

and be glad for the gifts I've been given.

We should never have to lose anything in order to give it meaning. 

ÒMen anpil chay pa lou,Ó is a Haitian proverb which translated means,

"Many hands lighten the load."

Go to HOPEforHAITInow.org or text GIVE to 50555 or you can also text

HAITI to 90999 if you haven't already and $10.00 will be charged to your phone bill

with your donation going to the Red Cross.  

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