Which one are you feeding?

Pesiquia was a Kickapoo Indian Chief in the hamlet of Tamichopa,

an indigenous settlement not far from my village.

Though he never attended school and could neither read or write he was known

as a very wise man and a skillful hunter.

One year there was a lot of division within his people over whether to raise

goats over cattle.

One of the senior leaders of the clan who lived closest to the Bavispe river,

came to the Chief seeking guidance. 

"I feel as if I have two large mountain lions wrestling deep in my heart,"  he said.

"One lion is the angry, vengeful and violent one.

The other lion is the calm, loving and compassionate one."

He then asked Chief Pesiquia, "Jefe, if you had these two lions fighting

in your heart, which one do you think would win the fight ?"

Pesiquia without hesitation quietly answered, "It will always be the one

I have been feeding."

Amigos we may not have a choice as to how many different lions end up

living in our hearts – or minds for that matter, but we do have a choice

as to which one we feed.

Make it a great dia!

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