Are you a rock or a rock star?

I was on my walk the other morning and noticed my neighbor had

started to landscape part of his yard.

There were a ton of rocks and for some reason I noticed how each one 

was very similar to the next. 

All the same. 

Maybe with time – a lot of time… the weather would affect them,

and a few would end up changing or at least have softer edges.

So I walked on thinking how some of us will always be rocks.

Especially if we get too comfortable in our ways and just lay around,

and wait for change to happen. 

Maybe in time (just like all those rocks), through what we weather,

and experience we might end up with softer edges too.

Yet, the potential similarity stops there! 

We must remember that we all have a God given ability to change.

But we have to want to change.

It takes personal will and taking action.

We also don’t have to change every aspect of our life in order to improve it…

small steps keep us moving and soon we've traveled a distance -

improving our health, our attitude and our LIFE.

Don’t be a rock!  

Make it a rock star dia!

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