Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Roger Caras

A good friend, employee and colleague of mine lost her two beloved pets yesterday.

She was excited about taking them both in to get groomed.

She told me it would be the little one's first full grooming.

They were such beautiful pets - one was a very unique chocolate schnauzer Huey

- I called him Mr. Huey out of respect.

The other was a new addition to her family a puppy by the name of Riley.

Later in the afternoon they called her and told her that Huey was having

seizures and she needed to come to the store.

She quickly rushed to be at his side.

While she was there when her puppy Riley, also became ill,

and then went into convulsions.

Sadly late in the afternoon she called me to tell me that both of her little

fellers had passed.

What can you tell someone grieving over her two companions?

I'm so sorry for your losses Tamika. 

As the quote says, " Dogs are not our whole life, but they make out lives whole."  

I've always loved animals and have always had a pet - a dog, a cat even horses,

mules and donkies.

I can't imagine losing one, much less two at one time.

As the sunlight beams gently through the apartment's window pane onto

a spot on the floor..... you'll remember, that's where your two little fellers 

Mr. Huey and little Riley used to lie, but now they don't lie there anymore.

As you walk around your carpeted  floors and silent echoes sound.....

it is only then that you remember, it's where their tiny paws would happily abound.

You walk across the grassy lawn and some barks are heard up around the bend...  

it is only then that you remember, those tiny barks can't be theirs..... 

your little feller's tiny barks are now still.

But please take that snapshot of those special now vacant spots of living room

floor and silent halls and their now absent joyous barks and gentle whimpers, 

and small unused food and water dishes along the kitchen wall.

Take those treasured memories of Huey and Riley and set them deep

within your heart and remember and forever treasure them with love.

There is no doubt you know, that one day your two best friends will one day

be waiting for you to come greet and play...  as they sit there,

Mr. Huey and Riley are now bringing much joy and happiness to everyone

just past the pearly gates above.

I know you miss them now, but will one day see them both again...

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